Balayage and Ombre, What is the difference?

Most of us have heard the terms BALAYAGE and OMBRE, what are they? Are they different? Will they suit me? These are some of the questions i get asked in the salon by clients. We need to stay up to date with fresh colours and styles to not get left behind but how do we know if we can ‘pull it off’?



Balayage and Ombre are not going anywhere for 2018, they are very much at the height of hair fashion, just slightly adapted, that is what is great about this style of hair colouring.

Starting 2018 with winter through to spring, summer and autumn, working with a natural root combining beautiful soft tones into moveable textures. fashion changes with the seasons so why can’t our hair do the same.

Everything is telling us to be healthier and embrace our inner and outer beauty, so why not enhance this! lightening hair to contour your face, to brighten cheek bones and to enhance fringes/bangs can make any gloomy day feel brighter.

Strong partings with bouncy soft waves is a strong fashion favourite, either for a full glamour appearance or just ‘because’. Beachy waves is still a strong contender for 2018 , pair this style with a middle or slightly off centre parting and your ready to go! Balayage works best for this style.

The hair industry is constantly changing, introducing new hair colour tones and styling techniques, there is no right or wrong way to style your hair. Your the boss, you just need to feel confident in the technique that you choose. (insert curl blog here)




Balayage can be used on most lengths, Balayage doesn’t need as much upkeep as it is applied in a more natural way


Mid-length to long hair i would recommend best for ombre, Ombre is more of an upkeep as roots will grow through and blonde will need brightening because the dark will wash through the blonde.




balayage 2

balayage 3



Balayage is a french word for ‘Sweep’, it’s a free hand technique used to colour the hair in a contouring way.

Balayage is one of the softest ways to colour hair, it is more desired for people who would like their hair coloured with the less noticeable regrowth. Balayage is bespoke to each individual and can be adapted depending on the colouring requirements.

To create textured beachy blondes whilst Lightening up around the face area for ‘naturally’ sunkissed summer lights, or pairing it with baby lights around the hairline for a seamless blend. 

This is a slower process to lighten hair so if you already have previous colour on your hair be aware it make take much longer to lighten your hair to the desired look.  

Balayage is a Bespoke style of colouring, tailored to your ideas, needs and desires, it is relatively low maintenance depending on how light you go with your colour,

Once you start Balayaging your hair its hard to stop!






Ombre is a term for ‘blend’, so in hair talk it is when hair is coloured darker at the roots flowing into a soft lighter shade, this style of colouring can be transmitted into a range of colours from roots to ends whilst sticking to the original format. Ombre is used for more of a ‘noticeable’ statement, and can be changed through the seasons, it can look beautiful in autumn/winter for a rich autumnal blend with dark reds and coppers, or spring/summer with rich dark roots flowing to a blonde pop.

This idea of colouring works best on mid-length to long hair, as i believe you get the best blend this way.

There is slightly more maintenance with this style of colouring as the roots are darkened first with either a permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, so you may need 6-8 weekly top-ups to keep the roots a rich deepened colour.


This is a Bespoke style of colouring, unique to each individual, I hope this helps with deciding on your hair colouring technique! Education is the key!

With Love Chelsea





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