Best Hair Styles For Your Face Shape…

We all look in the mirror everyday, whether you are applying makeup ready for a night out or styling your hair for a girlboss kind of day, our reflection glances back at us, telling us we know everything about ourselves… but do you know what face shape you are? And why its important for you to know?


When stepping foot into a hair salon, you leave your life worries and work stresses at the door, and you lean into your hairstylist in full trust they will catch you and make your hair dreams come too and make you the utmost best version of yourself before gliding out the front door to take on the world ahead… but do they know your face shape? and what style works best for you?

The answer should be a ‘hell yes’. Your hairstylist should already know your face shape and therefore recommend styles to suit you, it is also important for you to know your face shape to understand why hairstyles and fringes ‘suit’ you better than other hairstyles. It’s not to say you cannot rock a particular style, it may just be an alternative to that particular style would work better with your face shape.


I have a Diamond face shape and i know which hairstyle i feel most confident in, i like the ability to create different looks for different occasions. We can all be powerful and confident and it can start with making the smallest change, just finding which styles make you feel the very best can be the start of something new. I have gathered together the main 6 different face shapes so you can see which fringe and hairstyle i would recommend and hopefully help you to make the decision of what works best for you. I hope this helps!


The best way to find out your face shape is to test for yourself. Start by slicking your hair back to expose the outline of your face and grab a pen, paper and tape measure.

  • Firstly measure the width of your forehead from the peak of one eyebrow arch to another. Jot that down.
  • Measure across from your upper cheek bones and then draw that out.
  • Then measure from the tip of your chin to your jawline (just under your ear) Repeat this on both sides. Draw this in.
  • Then lastly measure from the tip of your chin to the centre of your hairline.

Join them together and it should give you a rough guide to go by…




The Oval face shape is perfectly balanced for length and width, most hairstyles complement the Oval face shape whether it’s longer locks or a cute pixie haircut, Bob hairstyles work great too.

Recommended Style

Shorter hairstyle – Chin length bob haircuts work great whether it’s a graduated style or  A-line style. Blunt bob styles paired with a heavy fringe adds a bit of drama to your look.

Medium Length/Shoulder Length – Shoulder length hair looks great with some choppy layers to add some texture, a heavy full fringe or a flattering side fringe works great with this face shape.   

Long Hair – All long lock styles look great, add some longer layers for texture and taper a soft side fringe starting from cheekbones.

Some celebrities with oval face shape are Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, and Beyonce.




A circle face shape is where the forehead is around the same width as the jaw, most people with this face shape usually think they cannot have a full fringe or side fringe and that simply isn’t the case. It can make your face look more beautiful.

Recommended Style  

Shorter hairstyle – If you decide to go short, i would suggest to leave more length on the top to create height which will length your face and create a feminine style.

Medium Length/Shoulder Length – I would advise to keep your hair longer around the front, just below jaw line or collar bone as it is the most flattering and then soften the curved edges with some light layering. Style away from your face.

Long Hair – When leaving more length i would suggest to keep longer layers to keep the volume away from the sides but still flattering the mid lengths and ends.

Some celebrities with circle face shape are Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis and Isla Fisher.




A square face shape is where the jaw is slightly broader and the forehead is the same width as the jawline. This face shape is open to many styles, a softer side fringe and longer layered hair around your face will give the illusion of a more curvature face shape. For more of a strong, angular and sculpted face shape then i would opt for a ‘jessie J’ style and go for a stronger full fringe and long length

Recommended Style

Shorter hairstyle – For a shorter hairstyle i would recommend to have a layered fringe around the cheek bone area as it will bring the focus higher and create curvature to the style.

Medium Length/Shoulder Length – I would recommend having a side parting to take the eye of sharper corners and longer layers work best with a soft side fringe.

Long Hair – With longer hair i would opt for textured layers and shape around your face  starting from cheekbones.

Some celebrities with square face shape are Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and Jessie J.




The diamond face shape is usually slimmer around the Forehead and widens at cheekbones and narrows and slim on the jawline. This is a beautiful face shape and can suit many hairstyles.

Recommended Style

Shorter hairstyle – Cute pixie haircuts look beautiful on this face shape, i’d suggest to opt for a slightly shorter lighter fringe so it opens your eyes and doesn’t swamp your face as a heavy fringe can make your face look too petite.

Medium Length/Shoulder Length – Create more volume with layers on shoulder length hair to balance out face shape, add a side fringe just above cheek bone and style away from face.

Long Hair – A longer side fringe works well with tapered layers, this keeps the overall balance correct and is a wearable changeable style.

Some celebrities with diamond face shape are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene and Halle Berry,




The Heart face shape is normally wider at the forehead and then tapers to then be narrow and slimmer at the jawline. Beautiful fringes gives this face shape a super feminine look and it will take your eye from slightly sharper corners around the chin area.     

Recommended Style

Shorter hairstyle – A lovely pixie cut looks great on this face shape, i’d suggest to opt for shorter layers around the top and a textured fringe to soften around the temple areas.

Medium Length/Shoulder Length – A long bob (Lob) or hair collar bone length works well with shoulder-skimming layers, as this creates more weight around the jaw line to add balance. A soft side fringe works well with this style.

Long Hair – A tapered full fringe works great with long hair, i would suggest to gently taper layers around the front to balance hairstyle and face shape.     

Some celebrities with heart face shape are Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston.




A Oblong face shape is longer than it is wide, the forehead may be slightly wider than the chin. This face shape is quite similar to the Oval face shape and is open to many different hairstyles.

Recommended Style

Shorter hairstyle – A beautiful bob style can look great with an Oblong face shape, it gives the face a shorter appearance and when paired with choppy textured layers

Medium Length/Shoulder Length – For shoulder length hair i’d create light layers and add waves to add width to shorten face shape.

Long Hair –  If you want to hold on to your long locks i’d suggest to have a side parting with a soft fringe swept to both sides to create width and lightly layer around your face. Beachy waves and big curls look best with an oblong face shape.

Some celebrities with oblong face shape are Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Blake Lively.


With Love xx

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