What to expect when you’re expecting… Myths and Facts about your pregnancy hair

You’ve got wonderful news! You’re expecting! Your now embracing your beautiful pregnancy bump and glowing from the inside out. Your leaving a rainbow trail of radiance whilst proudly perading your baby bump around your loved ones…but wait…what happens after you’ve had your baby…does the glow vanish? Will you still feel like YOU?

Let’s get to it… The Myths and Facts.

What happens to your hair during pregnancy… on your head and the rest of your body and what to expect after you’ve popped out your bundle of joy.

I myself is pregnant and I’m loving every minute of it and i can’t wait to meet my little baby! but there has been a few things i’ve struggled with including body image and whether my hair and skin will look as radiant as i feel they do now, can i maintain my ‘Pregnancy Glow’? and how will i feel about myself after pregnancy as i still want to feel like Me!

‘Does your hair become thicker?’

Fact – Yes this is true, it does. Every strand of hair goes through a three stage cycle of growth, transition and rest before it naturally falls out. We can shred up to 100 hairs a day on average. With the additional estrogen that we produce in our bodies during pregnancy this prolongs the growth stage so it results in very little shedding. With your extra hormones you may find your hair will become glossier too. IE; Pregnancy Glow

To Keep your hair well balanced i would recommend looking at your Shampoo and Conditioner and ask yourself:

Is it still working wonders on your hair?  

Is my hair feeling more frizzy, dry or controllable whilst pregnant?

Or is it glossier? Therefor maybe a lighter, daily shampoo would work best for you?

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‘Help my hair feels thin’ ‘I think i’m going bald’ – Is it true that you lose hair after pregnancy?

Fact – Unfortunately this is true also. You’ll to do anything to protect your ‘crown’ but i’m afraid this comes down to hormones and it’s not something that you can control. Six to Nine months postpartum or after you have finished breastfeeding your hair will return to it’s natural growth cycle and your massive mane will start to shrink and you will lose the extra hair you have gained during pregnancy. Try not to be alarmed it is a perfectly normal process.

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‘Ive got grey hairs, its safe to colour your hair during pregnancy?’

Undetermined – This is a tricky one…There is no scientific evidence to suggest that colouring your hair during your pregnancy is bad for you, but it is advised if you decide to do so, to wait until after your 12 weeks until you colour your hair. If you decide to colour your hair throughout your pregnancy it is completely up to you. Your hairstylist should relay this information to you and for you to make the decision on your own accord. I work with colour, and from when i found out i was pregnant i have been extra careful but I’m a messy colourist so i end up coming home with colour sprayed up my arm. (it’s part of the job) and most stylists would agree with me that contact with colour is relatively unavoidable. Do your research!

‘Is it true That you can Get A Hairy Baby if you cuddle your cat (aka Fur baby)?’

Myth– Cuddling your animals will result in hairy baby. This is an old wives tale that has been told to me and many friends. My cats love a cuddle, i think they know I’m pregnant. Instinctively i guess. Make the most of having time with your animals before all your time is taking up with your new born. 

‘Hairy belly means that your baby will have a lot of hair at birth?’

Myth – Hairy belly doesn’t mean that your baby will necessarily have a lot of hair at birth. A hairy belly is a normal part of pregnancy with the extra oestrogen that your hormones are producing. It used to be a myth that heartburn would result in a baby with a lot of hair but it now appears that there is an association between heartburn severity during pregnancy and newborn hair. 

‘My baby is bald now but will he or she have glorious thick locks as an adult?’

Fact – Whether your baby has no hair or loads of hair they will still spout ‘glorious’ hair as they grow older. If your hair is thick in quality and quantity your baby will most likely take on your ‘hair’ gene, you may find they will be ‘balder’ for a much longer period of time, but never fear! it will come through eventually! Try to avoid putting too much strain on your toddlers hair i.e: Tight plaits, tights clips etc, as excess pulling on their hair at a young age can induce a ‘trauma’ type stress on the growing hair follicles.

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With Love Chelsea

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